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smsd doesn't work with Siemens MC35?

From: Andrija Petrovic
Subject: smsd doesn't work with Siemens MC35?
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:31:35 +0200

Hi to all,
I've got a Siemens MC35 terminal (GSM modem).
It works fine with the gnokii program - I can identify the device, read and
delete SMSes, etc.
However, smsd seems not to be communicating correctly with the MC35: it
issues the AT+CPMS command to tell the modem to receive SMSes in the SM
memory. However, all incoming SMSes get stored in the ME memory, so the smsd
doesn't see them. I get nothing in the inbox table.

Everything works fine with a Nokia 7110.

While smsd was running, i connected to the MC35 using the minicom program. I
got in the way of smsd<=>MC35 communication, and saw the AT+CPMS commands
being issued, and the MC35 answering correctly. (Since minicom got in the
way, smsd was reporting errors in GetSMSStatus). I simply cannot understand
why the SMSes keep being stored in the ME memory when smsd asks for the SM

Help, anyone? I'd really appreciate it...

Best regards,

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