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Nokia 6100 dead... and it was not IrDA!

From: Tirs Abril
Subject: Nokia 6100 dead... and it was not IrDA!
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 17:12:39 +0100
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Hello everybody. I have a Nokia 6100 and I have been using Gnokii 0.6.1 with 
an USB/RS-232 cable for some time. Today I migrated to Gnokii 0.6.4 and 
everything was running smoothly for a few minutes until suddenly the phone 
stopped responding. Now it's frozen with only the battery indicator shown, 
and it turns off after a few seconds. If I turn it on again, it asks for the 
SIM password, shows the "Code Accepted" message, and then it freezes again. 
If I start it without the SIM card, then it asks for the SIM to be inserted.

Anyone has any suggestion and/or similar experience? I plan to take it to the 
telecom shop to have the SIM card duplicated (as for theft or down-the-toilet 
accidental flushing). Will this help?

As an additional note, I was not doing any "write" operation to the phone; 
sometimes I have sent SMS using Gnokii, but today I was only reading the 
contact list.

Thanks for any help, and regards!


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