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From: Corne van Strien
Subject: Netmonitor
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 18:36:48 +0100

I understand that Netmonitor is not available for 6310i. I'm especially interested
in detailed measurements of Rx signal strength for different cells/channels.
What would be a good (the best ?) handset for achieving this ?. Would this always
require a serial cable for MBUS connection, or is Netmonitor/MBUS also available
over bluetooth ?. No problem if the handset would be 'end of life' as most handsets
are available 'second hand'.
If there is any possibility of achieving Rx signal level data for 6130i, If so I would like to
contribute (did some gnokii hacking in several modules for my own purposes).
    Kind regards,
    CornĂ© van Strien.

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