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Gnokii + Motorola V600 Investigation

From: Paolo Gambetti
Subject: Gnokii + Motorola V600 Investigation
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 23:16:18 +0000
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Hi Pawel, I'm a Motorola V600 owner using Gnokii to access my phone.
I tried to write to mailing list (after registering) but my message is blocked (my mail at subscribing moment was address@hidden).

I tried to investigate the behaviour of my phone after finding a pdf file with all Motorola AT specifications (

With Gnokii I can't read SMS and I have some problems reading my contacts...
To read a message, gnokii tries the following:

Message sent: 0x00 / 0x000d
41 54 2b 43 50 4d 53 3d 22 53 4d 22 0d          | AT+CPMS="SM"
write: [AT+CPMS="SM"<cr>]
read : [^B^D+CPMS="SM"<cr><cr><lf>+CMS ERROR: 516<cr><lf>]
Message received: 0x00 / 0x0020
04 02 04 2b 43 50 4d 53 3d 22 53 4d 22 0d 0d 0a |    +CPMS="SM"
2b 43 4d 53 20 45 52 52 4f 52 3a 20 35 31 36 0d | +CMS ERROR: 516
Received message type 00

i.e. AT+CPMS="SM": the command is recognized in AT set of Motorola but the problem is the type of memory...
Trying with minicom...

+CPMS: ("IM","OM","BM","MT","DM"),("OM","DM"),("IM")

From here we can understand that memory type "SM" isn't supported from Motorola (I don't know if it isn't supported in all Motorola phones or only in V600)...

Then I try to read Inbox SMSs...

+CPMS: 12,254

+MMGL: 2,1,,85
+MMGL: 11,1,,85
+MMGL: 13,1,,154
+MMGL: 1,1,,126
+MMGL: 10,1,,59
+MMGL: 12,1,,158
+MMGL: 9,1,,77
+MMGL: 8,1,,64
+MMGL: 6,1,,111
+MMGL: 5,1,,70
+MMGL: 7,1,,89
+MMGL: 3,1,,125

The firt command answer (+CPMS: 12,254) says that my phone has got 12 SMSs stored (correct!)

AT+MMGL=5 reads all messages in Inbox...

Hope this can be helpful to support Motorola Phones...


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