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RE: Urgent 5110 Hardware

From: Joao Carneiro - DLS
Subject: RE: Urgent 5110 Hardware
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 14:35:05 -0000

-->> Probably this is not the adequate place to discuss such matters, if anybody has a problem with it please say so.
1º - you are using a single wire? where did you hooked it up? to the main antenna contact or to the back connector?
2º - the lenght of the wire should be of a determinate size, according to the wavelength of the signal.
3º - There is also the problem of the impedance of the antenna and the impedance of the antenna outlet on the phone.
I believe that all of these together should be the cause of your problems. Bad antenna coupling and Bad antenna. You should have heavy SWR and heavy loss at the antenna for that purpose.
Hope that i have been useful.

De: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden Em nome de karthi keyan
Enviada: sábado, 25 de Dezembro de 2004 14:52
Para: address@hidden; address@hidden
Assunto: Urgent 5110 Hardware

  Hai  Every One

    I am doing some R&D on  Nokia 5110. Mobile Phone. The R&D is I am using External Power Supply using LM350 and I 'm giving 4.1 V to the Phone PCB ( this is stripped of every thing Like LCD,KEYPAD and other non necessary things.)
In 5110 there are two PCB I have removed the daughther PCB ( lcd,keypad) USING Only the Main PCB I removed the main antenna I am using Single core wire as antenna . Some times It is registering with the network some times not

Some one can help me in this  Please

Thanks in Advance


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