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6230 File Transfer

From: Leo \"Costela\" Antunes
Subject: 6230 File Transfer
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 11:45:20 -0200

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I'm using gnokii CVS (2004-01-04) and trying to use the newly added file
transfer funcionalities.
I have a 6230 with a DKU-2 connection and using the model=6230 and
connection=dku2, which seems to work fine (--identify works), but I
can't figure out the syntax to access the files on my phone.

Maybe the fact that it has a MMC flash card inside, appart from regular
flash memory, changes something?

Does anyone know how to access the files?

Cheers and thanks for the help!


 Leo Costela
 <address@hidden> | <address@hidden> | <address@hidden>
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