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Re: AT-model cell phones

From: docydoc
Subject: Re: AT-model cell phones
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 19:39:25 +0100

> > Am I right? If I use a old fashioned DAU-9P cable and connect a simple
> > terminal -
> > shouldn't the phone act as a normal modem e.g. responding to
> > AT-commands?
> You won't be able to talk to the phone with AT commands using DAU-9P
> cable. You need DLR3P cable.

> > I tried ATZ as basic and simple command but never got a response?
> > Can someone help me to make things clear?
> Does the above answer your questions?

That makes things more clear to me.

> > I want to access the cell phone (have different type available: 6150,
> > 6210, 6100)
> These are different phones. For 6210 you need DLR-3P cable (or
> infraded/bluetooth connectivity). I'm not sure which cable uses 6100 but
> I'm under the impression this is DKU-5 cable (and also
> infrared/bluetooth). As for 6150, this phone doesn't support AT commands.

Right. 6100 has no bt but it's DKU-5 which is USB. SO if I want a uC to
connect USB is
not really usable until I use a converter USB2UART.
Interesting that I have an FBUS/MBUS cable for 6100 here that connects to an
But I don't know whether there's a chip inside to do any convertation.
So is it possible to connect via DLR3P or DAU9P to uC an issue FBUS commands?

(meanwhile I rejected the idea of using onbly AT because it has limited

> You need a software emulator like gnokiid, that created a virtual device
> (/dev/gnokii) that you can use to talk to the phone. Note that gnokiid
> doesn't support many AT commands, but it should be good enough to make an
> Internet connection. gnokiid is no longer developed, as modern phones
> do not need it.

Thanks a lot for your info so far. Think I try to start with 6210 and DLR3P


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