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New FAQ entry (--divert alternative)

From: Oliver Rath
Subject: New FAQ entry (--divert alternative)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:01:12 +0100
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I think, this information is important enough :-) for a FAQ-Entry:

------------------------------------- FAQ new entry ---------------------------------------------------------------
Q: How can I redirect a call without the broken gnokii --divert command?
A: You can use the gsm-code *21*yournumber# for this. Pipe it in per stdout to gnokii with the following command: "echo '*21*yournumber#G' | gnokii --keysequence". The 'G' at the end stands for the handy key with 'Green phone'-symbol on it. Note: This will take some time, because your provider has to affirm it. I.e. redirecting to a number in munich, Germany (tested on Nokia 8210): "echo '*21*089123455678#G' | gnokii --keysequence" ------------------------------------- end FAQ new entry ---------------------------------------------------------------

I didn't find an email-adress, so i hope person with write access will add it to the FAQ :-)



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