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Bluetooth + 6820 + 6310i

From: Pere Martinez
Subject: Bluetooth + 6820 + 6310i
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:11:12 +0100

Hi all!

New to gnokii. Experimenting with bluetooth and want to syncro my
kaddressbook with the nokia's.

If I send the phonebook with

iconv -f utf8 -t iso8859-15  .kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf  | gnokii
--writephonebook -f -o -m ME -v

the very firsts entries are writed quick but over 20 and up (I have
375 entries) are sloooow, until the timeout is raised. At entry ~40.

Changed the timeout in /usr/bin/gnokii from 30 -> 300. Now the timeout
is raised at ~140.

I think is due to -f for find a free slot. Without the -f all entries
are writed over slot 1.

Now my solution is a python program:

# Programa per gravar KABC --> 6820

fitemp = '/home/pere/temp.vcf' # If exists is deleted !
fivcf = '/home/pere/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf'
gnokii = 'iconv -f utf8 -t iso8859-15 '+ fitemp + '| gnokii
--writephonebook -o -m ME -n %s -v'

os.system('gnokii --deletephonebook ME 1 end')
pos = 1
fitobert = False
f = open(fivcf)
for lin in f.readlines():
    if lin[0:11] == 'BEGIN:VCARD': 
        # Borro fit. temp. Obro de nou
        g = open(fitemp, 'w')
        fitobert = True
    if fitobert:    
    if lin[0:9] == 'END:VCARD':
        # Tanco fitxer. Llenço gnokii. Incremento pos
        fitobert = False
        os.system(gnokii % str(pos))
        pos = pos+1

but this is also slooow due to connect/disconnect for each card.

Any sugestion?

Pere Martinez

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