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Re: Sony-Ericsson T630 (bluetooth)

From: Gareth Fitch
Subject: Re: Sony-Ericsson T630 (bluetooth)
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:42:47 +0000
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Quoting Timothy Murphy <address@hidden>:

> Anyone know if gnokii supports this phone?
> I tried the settings that work with my Nokie 6310 (using bluetooth)
> but that didn't seem to work (eg "gnokii --identify" didn't connect).
> Bluetooth itself works OK - I can see the phone from my laptop.

I would imagine that the T630 uses the same or a similar SE operating system to
that of the K700i. The K700i works mostly with gnokii and bluetooth when set to
use the AT driver.

As yet gnokii doesn't correctly extract the model number, firmware revision or
SMS message centre number from the K700i, though the phone itself does respond
correctly to the relevant AT commands (tested with kbtserialchat).

> Ps No-one ever told me if there is any cable for a Nokia 3200
> (probably the same as Nokia 3220) that will work with gnokii.
> In fact the same question must arise with any of the newer Nokia phones
> with a "pop port" connector.

I've only ever seen USB cables for recent Nokias.

Gareth Fitch - address@hidden

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