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Re: [patch] Use +CPMS (SMS preferred memory store) more correctly.

From: David Vrabel
Subject: Re: [patch] Use +CPMS (SMS preferred memory store) more correctly.
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 15:47:12 +0000
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David Vrabel wrote:

The "solution" presented in the patch is to set all three messages stores to be the same...

Changed my mind. I don't think this is a good idea. I think AT_SetSMSMemoryType() should change <mem1> and <mem2> only and use the current <mem3> setting. (Annoyingly, if you only specify <mem1> and <mem2> then <mem3> gets set to a default rather than retaining the current setting.)

If, for example, <mem3> is initially "ME" and then gnokii changes it to "SM", then some messages will end up in "ME" and some in "SM" -- which is rather confusing.

Attached is an updated patch that does the following:

1. gn_sms_status has an additional field for the current new message store (new_message_store)

2. AT_GetSMSStatus fills in the above field.

3. AT_SetSMSMemoryType uses AT_GetSMSStatus to obtain <mem3>. (Should I instead create a new operation GN_OP_GetSMSInbox?)

4. AT_GetSMSStatus will use data->memory_status->memory_type for the message store to look in. (Perhaps a new field in gn_sms_status would be better?)

5. smsd has a new option "-b, --inbox memory_type" to set the message store to check for new messages.

I considered making AT_SetSMSMemoryType fall back to old behavior but looking at the GSM spec it appears that the <mem2>, <mem3> parameters must be supported. However, if there's a phone out there that's known to choke on the 3 paramater version of +CPMS I'll take another look.

David Vrabel
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