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RE: extending smsd

From: Joao Carneiro - DLS
Subject: RE: extending smsd
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 21:17:31 -0000

If you are skeptical may I inquire why?

Anyway, I was wondering how I could pull that off and I remembered a
small script that I used to get gnokii --getphonebook -r and then parse
it giving a valid xml file. It then could be used anywhere.
Anyway, the whole idea was to get the phone more involved in the
process, but now that you mention it I can see why you are sceptical.
You only had to import the phonebook the first time you connected to the
DB, Then the contacts would all be in there, editable and all.
With this scenario it seems foolish to add such functionalities to it.
But in the case of you moving your phone a lot, not just keeping it
hooked up, maybe then it would make sense. And that would become
something like xgnokii... but on sql and http...

Is it worth the trouble?

You tell me!

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Joao Carneiro - DLS wrote:


> Hi there,
> I wonder if it could be of any use the extension of smsd to support
contacts, at least the ability to grab the SIM and phone ones.

I'm sceptical with adding contacts download to smsd.

> That would mean to provide the database with tables for them, let's
say a phonebook table?
> With the appropriate fields, just like plain gnokii.
> Since i am not an experienced programmer, i wonder if anyone would be
interested in extending it.
> I continue to develop the web interface to it, slowly on my free time.
It is starting to look pretty and functional, like a webmail client but
running on sms.

I think you want this functionality in web interface. You can achieve it
if you create program which imports gnokii output to DB.


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