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Re: How to set up Gnokii with nokia 6230

From: Vitezslav Samel
Subject: Re: How to set up Gnokii with nokia 6230
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 06:06:07 +0100
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On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 03:19:07PM +0100, jan wrote:
> Hi!
> I just switched from 6310i to 6230. Gnokii was working with my previous
> phone (6310i) like a charm. 
> I saved all contacts using Gnokii to the disk. Got the new phone and now
> i'm trying to upload those contacts to my new 6230 phone.
> Does anybody managed to get 6230 to wokr with gnokii ? I got to work it
> partially only (i can see sms messages in gnokii) when I use 
> model = AT
> connection = irda
> in .gnokiirc
> When I'm trying to read contacts I got following message:
> xgnokii_lowlevel.c: line 504: Can't get memory entry number 1 from
> memory 1! 8

  I think I had this problem too (on 6310i). I had to have at least one entry
in phone's phonebook (entered manually) to make it work.


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