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[patch] smsd: clean generated db module object files

From: David Vrabel
Subject: [patch] smsd: clean generated db module object files
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 15:05:22 +0000
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The attached patch fixes up smsd's Makefile to correctly clean up the built DB module object files (file.lo etc.). Plus, it makes it a bit easier to select which DB modules to build (just set DB_LIBS correctly).

David Vrabel
David Vrabel, Design Engineer

Arcom, Clifton Road           Tel: +44 (0)1223 411200 ext. 3233
Cambridge CB1 7EA, UK         Web:
--- gnokii-0.6.4.orig/smsd/Makefile     Sun Oct 17 20:44:20 2004
+++ gnokii-0.6.4/smsd/Makefile  Mon Jan 24 14:56:12 2005
@@ -32,17 +34,21 @@
 OBJS =         smsd.lo \
+DB_OBJS = pq.lo mysql.lo file.lo
+# A list of database modules to build.
+# FIXME: detect which ones to build in configure
 all: smsd
-smsd: $(OBJS) $(TOPDIR)/common/
+smsd: $(OBJS) $(TOPDIR)/common/ $(DB_LIBS)
        $(LIBTOOL) --mode=link $(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJS) $(LDLIBS) -o $@
 ### DB Modules
-# Change this according to your system
-# FIXME: detect it in configure
 # PostgreSQL support
 pq.lo: smsd.h pq.c
@@ -80,14 +86,14 @@
        $(MAKE) -C $(TOPDIR)/common
-       $(LIBTOOL) --mode=clean $(RM) smsd 
+       $(LIBTOOL) --mode=clean $(RM) smsd $(DB_LIBS) $(OBJS) $(DB_OBJS)
        $(RM) *~ depend *.so core*
 install: all
        $(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)
        $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install $(INSTALL) -m 755 smsd $(DESTDIR)$(sbindir)
        $(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)${libdir}/smsd
-       for f in lib*.la ; do \
+       for f in $(DB_LIBS) ; do \
        $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install $(INSTALL) $$f $(DESTDIR)${libdir}/smsd ; \
        $(LIBTOOL) --mode=finish ${libdir}/smsd

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