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UCS-2 messages get corrupted

From: Miklos Niedermayer
Subject: UCS-2 messages get corrupted
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 19:33:06 +0100
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when trying to send long messages with smsd, containing latin2 characters, I'm experiencing the following:

If the message was shorter than, or was 70 characters long, it arrives in 1 SMS [OK].

If the messages was 71 to 134 characters long, it arrives in 2 SMSes [OK].

If the message was 135 characters long, then it arrives in 2 SMSes, but the total length is 68 characters only, and the first message contains 1 character [WRONG].

The same applies to 136 and 137 character messages, but the received SMSes contain 69 or 70 characters.

138 characters or more get sent out correctly in 3 SMSes.

The sending devices were Nokia 6310 and Siemens MT50, receiving devices were P900, Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6310, 7250 etc.

What could be the problem?


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