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Re: Nokia 6100 (testing with model=6100 and connection=irda)

From: Max Sanzharov
Subject: Re: Nokia 6100 (testing with model=6100 and connection=irda)
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 16:46:58 +0200
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On 01.02.2005 13:09, Max Sanzharov wrote:
On 01.02.2005 0:45, Pawel Kot wrote:

xgnokii does not to anything gnokii can't do. IMHO it is an accident, that it is xgnoki causing problems -- because it sends much more frames to the phone. I still belive the problem is with the retransmission. If not, my next suspiction is that the load (amount of the requests per second) kills the phone.

I see "sm_retry: off" in the getcalendarnote debug output. Philipp, did you change that setting before running xgnokii?

BTW, I have successfully tested my phone on 0.6.4 release (with gnokii and xgnokii). As far as I understand, retransmission was enabled in that version.

so, if the reason of breaking is single, then retransmission is not a reason. IMHO, your next suspiction on high load is closer to true. It may be, we need to implement a short delay after ack, to let the phone prepare to the next command.

BTW, nobody of unlucky testers was able to show debug log of phone breakage. It may be, debugging output to STDERR slows down connection enough to avoid phone breakage.

Best regards,

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