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at commands for Nokia 6820

From: Bruno Bonomini [BlueWind - Italy]
Subject: at commands for Nokia 6820
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 11:41:39 +0100


here is Bruno, I'm a new-entry. I do hope my question isn't too silly, in 
that case I'm sorry...
I'm developing a project for which I have to read mobile-phone 
phonebooks using at commands. I've been using "AT+CPBR" and it 
works fine with a few Sony-Eriksson, Siemens and Nokia. 
I've just bought a Nokia 6820: I'm able to connect the phone with a 
serial port connection, but AT+CPBR seems not working (the answer 
is always ERROR). Notice that I've used the same at command with 
other Nokia models (i.e. 6310i) and it woks perfectly.
Do you know if there's a reason for this behaviour? If you know 
something about this phone, plaese give me your advice.
Thank you in advance,



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