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[0.6.4] configure bugs

From: Alexander Heinz
Subject: [0.6.4] configure bugs
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:49:21 +0100
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I believe there are some bugs in the configure script.

Here is what I did:

./configure --without-x --enable-security --disable-debug --disable-xdebug --disable-rlpdebug --disable-win32 --disable-fulldebug --disable-nls

That is the important output:

    Host system:        linux-gnu
    Gnokii version:     0.6.4
    Xgnokii version:    20040720
    X (GTK) support:    no
->  Debug:              yes
->  XDebug:             yes
->  RLPDebug:           yes
    NLS:                no
    IrDA:               yes
    ical read support:  no
    Bluetooth:          no
    Security:           yes
    Build Shared Lib:   yes
    Build Static Lib:   yes
->  Win32:              yes
    Prefix:             /usr/local

The lines marked with "->" indicate the problems with configure


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