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Re: 6230 memory type, file transfer

From: Leo \"Costela\" Antunes
Subject: Re: 6230 memory type, file transfer
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 17:28:57 -0300

On Qui, 2005-04-14 at 22:23 +0300, Erkki Turanlahti wrote:
> 1. I don't seem to get the syntax right for the memory type to download
> phonebook data. 

Gnokii's manual describes some of the most common memmory types ("SM",
"ME", etc)

> 2 I also have a number of pictures on the phone. This may sound silly
> but I haven't found any mention of file transfer although I thought I've
> given a more than cursory look on the docs. -Of course, the memory type
> should be right in first place before any transfer could take place. -
> Google was not too helpful either.

This is not documented (to my knowledge), but you can use 'gnokii
--getfilelist A:\*' to get stuff in the main memory and 'B:\*' for stuff
in the memory card. 
The rest follows the same logic.

You might want to take a look at 'gnokiifs', to mount your 6230
I've experienced some glitches reading files from the device, but some
remounts seem to solve it.



 Leo Antunes
 <address@hidden> | <address@hidden> | <address@hidden>

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