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Re: DKU-2 problem after kernel upgrade

From: vincent.panel
Subject: Re: DKU-2 problem after kernel upgrade
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 21:56:14 -0000

(note . i'm just a regular user of gnokii, not a developer)

This seems to be a kernel problem... not related to gnokii

Do you use udev ? If yes, then udev is responsible for creating the correct 
/dev/ links according to what is plugged in (hotplug sends udev events). But if 
you can't access your device even if the correct dev entry exists (you can 
create it manually, udev just do this), then this is a kernel module problem. 
Try to run gnokii --identify and see if gnokii is identifying your phone 
correctly (be sure your gnokiirc file is mentioning the device : personaly, I 
have port=/devc/ttyACM0 and identification is working correctly ; 
unfortunaltely, I am unable to do anything except identifying my phone : a 3100 
nokia :/)

You mentioned you used two modules : cdc-acm and ... ? what is the name of the 
second module, please ?

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> date: 2005/03/17 jeu. PM 06:58:43 IRST
> &agrave;: address@hidden
> cc: address@hidden
> objet: DKU-2 problem after kernel upgrade

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