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[RFD] events from libgnokii

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: [RFD] events from libgnokii
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 01:10:27 +0200


I just spent an hour trying to figure out what's wrong with Nokia 6170
and file transfer. Beside problem with gnokii.c it appeared that
nothing's wrong, just the transmission takes that long. so i added
some kind of the progress status: after every file part taken from the
phone it is written do the stderr how much is already done. It is
silly, works for command line tools (also not too nice). But it won't
work for any GUI. The only sane way (IMHO) to display the progress bar
in the GUI is to publish (asynchronous) events how much is done (I
hope that's clear how I'd like it to work). I'm thinking of using DBUS
for that. Does it sound sane? Is here anybody with some experience in
this area?

take care,
PS. Apparently FSF has problem with moving to the new office and there
are problems with availability of the mailing list itself and servers.
Pawel Kot

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