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RE: Nokia 6230 DKU2 Win32

From: Fias Norbert István
Subject: RE: Nokia 6230 DKU2 Win32
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 18:26:39 +0200

If I correctly understood you, this means, that under Win32 there is no chance 
to control the netmonitor from gnokii in case I use a Nokia6230 and DKU2 unless 
I write the driver...

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>Subject: Re: Nokia 6230 DKU2 Win32
>On 30/05/05 15:02:58, Fias Norbert István wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> is it possible to use under Win32 with DKU2 cable my Nokia6230? I
>> want
>> to access the netmonitor from my Delphi code and I do not want to
>> implement the FBUS...
>Well, it must be possible, but you'll have to write a windows 
>driver or  
>work out how to interface with Nokia's one.  No idea how to do either  
>I'm afraid.
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