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Re: Trying again -- Nokia 6620 Bluetooth

From: Norm Dressler
Subject: Re: Trying again -- Nokia 6620 Bluetooth
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 15:00:37 -0400
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Pawel Kot wrote:

2005/8/26, Norm Dressler <address@hidden>:
Where can I get a reliable copy of gnapplet to run with the latest
version gnokii?  There wasn't one on the latest tarball.

I had hoped this one would work given that it displayed more details on the screen, but still nothing on channel 14. After playing with other tools, like gnome-phone-manager, it seems very little works with this phone. Although bluetooth sees it, I can't do much with these existing apps. I do, however, have a TCP/IP connection to the phone and can access the Internet from my phone through my computer -- nice with that at least!

Could this be an incompatibility or something locked on my phone? Even in Windows the PC Tools suite can't seem to list the existing apps on the phone. Concerning...


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