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0.6.10 broke my 6230!

From: Brian Wallis
Subject: 0.6.10 broke my 6230!
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 11:02:06 +1100
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I did two things. First I added a calendar entry and tried to set it to repeat 
at the end of the month, gnokki didn't seem to be able to do that so I picked 
up the phone and set the repeat with that. I checked with gnokki that the 
entry was in the calendar, then I edited a phone book entry and deleted one 
of the numbers for that entry (the 'home' number). I got an error from gnokki 
(comms fail) and looked at the phone, It was off! 

I tried to power on the phone again and after accepting my pin number it went 
into a loop of three or four times displaying the enter time screen and 
turning it self off again.

I've since had the phone re-flashed by Nokia and it is OK again. It was 
running firmware 3.15 it now has 5.50. Trouble is now 0.6.10 won't talk to it 
at all.

Any suggestions of what to try?


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