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Re: (already compiled) win32 applications

From: Phil Ashby
Subject: Re: (already compiled) win32 applications
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 21:40:15 +0000
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Matthias Weber wrote:
Hi there. Does anybody have some experience using gnokii on windows systems. I don't really understand how it should work here. Is there any more detailed documentation about it? Are there any (pre-?)compiled files of gnocky or other win32 applications working under windows? I did not find much using google. (Sorry, this is the first time I try to use a mailing list! :) ) Bye.

Hi Matthias, the gnokii website has binary downloads for Win32 platforms here: you probably need the latest version (

Gnokii on Win32 works pretty much the same as it does on Un*x varients, all the command line parameteres are the same, the high level protocol code is the same, and the file I/O is similar: the main changes are in the driver layer where the Win32 COMM API is used for serial ports, and Windows Sockets for IrDA (and Bluetooth if I ever get a BT dongle :)


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