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Re: 6610i getfilelist

From: Stefan Sassenberg
Subject: Re: 6610i getfilelist
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 13:52:14 +0100
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Hello Pawel,

Pawel Kot wrote:

2005/11/9, Stefan Sassenberg <address@hidden>:

Never mind.

To go ahead, I run 'gnokii --getfiledetailsbyid'. The result is

GNOKII Version 0.6.9
| Permanent_memory (1)
 - Galerie (2)
 - Empf. Dateien (6)
 - Hidden (7)
 - java (8)
 - Messages (14)
 - Srvms (19)
 - PBookImg (20)

If I get this right, I can now use 'gnokii --getfilelist' to retrieve a
list of files in a certain directory.

No. Now you should use 'gnokii --getfiledetailsbyid 2' to get the list
of the files and folders from Galerie directory. Do it untill you'll
see the file you want to download. then type 'gnokii --getfilebyit ID'
where ID is the file id you want to get.

Thank you very much, Pawel. Maybe we can talk about users putting things into the wiki. Or you just don't go on vacations anymore 8-)

Thanks to you too, Eibo.


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