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Re: Nokia 6680 bluetooth not recognized

From: Matthew Brett
Subject: Re: Nokia 6680 bluetooth not recognized
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 16:11:54 +0000


> There's no need to setup an rfcomm device, gnokii use the socket api
> to connect to the phone.


> > I notice that, with or without gnapplet running, I get these channels from:
> [...]
> > So, no channel 14.  Could that be the problem?
> It seems gnapplet doesn't register itself properly in the phone, so
> sdptool browse doesn't show it. What does gnapplet display when you
> start it?
>     gnapplet started
>     IrCOMM: on
>     RfCOMM: on, Ch#14           <--- this is the RfCOMM channel number
>     TCP/IP: on, Port#1912
>     timeout: ...

yes - I get exactly the output above...  Any more thoughts?

Thanks a lot,


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