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Re: USB OBEX support - now in OpenOBEX CVS

From: Istvan Seidel
Subject: Re: USB OBEX support - now in OpenOBEX CVS
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 15:23:35 +0100
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Am Montag 19 Dezember 2005 23:40 schrieb Alex Kanavin:
> Hi,
> USB OBEX interface support has finally been integrated into OpenOBEX CVS.
> If you have a mobile phone with such an interface, please give it a
> spin, more information is available here:
> You'd need the latest beta snapshot of obexftp app to test filetransfers,
> available from

thanks for this, i tried once again with my nokia 6670/Mandriva2006.
and i got after this howto:

until this:

 '$su-cLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/usbobex/lib' ./src/obex_test -u'
Using USB transport, querying available interfaces
Interface 0: Nokia Nokia 6670 SYNCML-SYNC
Interface 1: Nokia Nokia 6670 PC Suite Services
Use './src/obex_test -u interface_number' to run interactive OBEX test client'

now my question:
i guess my system is using hotplug, but no 'nokia' file is created, when i 
plug my phone in. Can i  do this manually, using the example?

 do i have to install obexftp and obextools, or can i choose between them, to 
get my datas from my phone?
whitch interface di i have to select in my phone? in menu i could only find 
'file transfers to other nokia phones via bluetooth'.


Istvan Seidel

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