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smsd, 3100, disconnections

From: Valerio Granato
Subject: smsd, 3100, disconnections
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 08:28:40 +0100

The smsd periodically lose connection to the phone; sometimes
the 'realconnect' solve the problem, other times not, leaving the
smsd in a endless loop.
If I send a TERM to the smsd it tries to restart and then do exit.
Retrying to use smsd afther this cause a smsd 'locked' (only
SIGKILL closes it) and a smsd [defunct] that follow the first one;
the solution is to switch off and on the phone and then restart.

Perhaps do the folders lock? Normal gnokii use (gtnetworkinfo,
identify, getlocksinfo, so on) is ok.

Debug log attached.


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