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Re: FC4 + CA-42 + Nokia 2112 -- Need help with initialization parameters

From: Harsha Ramesh
Subject: Re: FC4 + CA-42 + Nokia 2112 -- Need help with initialization parameters.
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 01:31:34 +0530


I tried it with gnokii 0.6.11 and gnokii --identify works!! I am rather happy about it :) .... Ok, now the next thing is how do i get this to work with the internal modem and establish an internet connection?? Any pointers on this would be great.

Would you like me to try any other set of commands to check if there are any additional fixes that need to be done to communicate with the Nokia 2112 series???


On 2/14/06, Harsha Ramesh <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Bozo,

OK now I get it. I will try out with the latest drop and let you know the results.


On 2/14/06, BORBELY Zoltan < address@hidden> wrote:

The problem was that Nokia 2112 didn't support AT+CGxx commands, what
are used by gnokii to getting manufacturer, model, revision and imei.
It seems it supports AT+Gxx commands which are very similar to the original
commands. Please test the cvs version and if it still doesn't work send
us the debug output.


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