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Nokia N70's phonebook

From: gingkuckuck
Subject: Nokia N70's phonebook
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 16:59:49 +0100

Hi all,

thank you for gnokii. It's a fine program.

Recently I bought a Nokia N70 and wanted to try gnokii on it. So I
created a dummy phonebook entry with non-US-ASCII chars (ü £
and the like) and many subentries.

I compiled 0.6.11 freshly on my Debian notebook and connected via

These are my findings letting gnokii reading the phonebook:

- I had to increase GN_PHONEBOOK_SUBENTRIES_MAX_NUMBER. Set it to 50,
don't know how many subentries the N70 actually allows.

- gnokii sucessfully reads mutliple number fields, email addresses etc.

- also the non-US-ASCII chars correctly printed

- but some fields are missing:
  - Firma (company)
  - Position
  - Aliasname
  - DTMF (whatever that is)
  - Benutzerkennung (user id?)
  - all postal fields:
    - Postfach (PO Box)
    - Zusatz (additional?)
    - Stra├če (address)
    - Postleitzahl (zip/postal code)
    - Stadt (city)
    - Bundesland (state/province)
    - Land (country)
  - Geburtstag (birthday)
(Sorry, I have a German phone. Tried to translate the names.)
Is there an easy way to enable gnokii to read these fields too? A little
knowledge in programming C is available...

Thank you for your advice,


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