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Mac OS X, 6320i, Bluetooth Success Report

From: Matthias Ringwald
Subject: Mac OS X, 6320i, Bluetooth Success Report
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 13:05:12 +0100
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the docs/README-MacOSX tells to report new hardware.

So far I've tried to connect to my Nokia 6230i using Bluetooth with
- nk6510 driver and
- at driver
- direct (gnokii built-in) and
- serial (RFCOMM port) (both Nokia PC Suite and Dial-Up Connection)

All but nk6510 over RFCOMM worked. I've used the same RFCOMM serial
port in PhoneDirector, so it should work basically.
Out of those, the nk6510 using gnokii built-in works best. (as at is quite limited..)

So my recommendation would be to configure gnokii to use the phone specific
driver (mode=6510) with the built-in bluetooth support (connection = bluetooth)
and to provide the phones mac address (port = 00:12:37:f1:b6:76 in my case)


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