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[PATCH] dynamic in/out buffers for PHONET

From: Alexey I. Froloff
Subject: [PATCH] dynamic in/out buffers for PHONET
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 23:24:46 +0300
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I am getting "PHONET: Message buffer overun - resetting" mesage
while trying to --getringtonelist on my 6310i via bluetooth.
This happens because input buffer is too small (1010 bytes, and
my phose sends 1050-byte message).  Also, output buffer is fixed
and outgoing message is not checked to fit in it.  This patch
fixed both issues.

Another issue, I was getting "Getting ringtone NNN failed: Wrong
size of the object." because it contains more than 256 notes.
Increasing GN_RINGTONE_MAX_NOTES from 256 to 1024 helps.

Sir Raorn.

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