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Re: debian, gnokii, bluetooth

From: Richard Wallman
Subject: Re: debian, gnokii, bluetooth
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 22:07:39 +0000
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Andrej Podgoršek wrote:
> Hi. I have a question.
> When i go through INSTALL steps and come to ./configure, i notice the
> output it gives me
> Bluetooth: no.
> And then i tried with ./configure --with-bluetooth=/usr/lib
> and got the same answear

Okay, I've just downloaded the sources (0.6.11 bzipped tarball) and run the
config script.

Do you have the libbluetooth1-dev package installed? Without it, you won't be
able to compile in Bluetooth support.

Richard Wallman

           I can't remember if I'm the good twin or the evil one.

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