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Re: Another Idea

From: Harsha Ramesh
Subject: Re: Another Idea
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 04:25:22 +0530

Hi Phil,

as you have rightly mentioned I am hoping to get a port to .NET easily when compared to building the Java layer... As you can see I am not the guy who works with C or C++ :) ... anyways, that is apart from the question... the main reason I asked this was because, when I was trying to setup my project to build the Java layer, i was trying to setup the gnokii project too... unfortunately, I am working on a Windows box (as my Nokia 2112 cannot connect to the net on Linux :( ) ... and the gnokii project could not be loaded in VS 2005. So, i guess I will have to manually pull in all the files and see what needs to be changed where...

Looking at the source distribution, it looks like a hell lot of work :) ...

So, i had the same question as before... why not keep the code simple and maintainable by building it on the IL based platforms for maximum portability.

anyways, thanks for your time phil.

till later,

On 3/24/06, Phil Ashby <address@hidden > wrote:
Harsha Ramesh wrote:
> Hi All,
> Offlate I have been working on .NET framework, when it struck me -- what is
> the feasibility of building the gnokii project as a .NET component and
> running it on Mono for linux and the usual .NET framework for windows?
> Wouldnt that make the code maintainance etc easy?
> looking forward for your inputs

Harsha - you asked a similar question about a Java port two months ago,
to which I replied:

..similar issues apply to .NET virtual machines as they do to Java
virtual machines - gnokii needs to perform some low level I/O at the
bottom of the protocol stack and .NET can't do it itself, so some gnokii
code must remain outside the VM, or be built as an extension to it. How
easy is it to extend the .NET with a DLL? Can MONO run extensions?

Perhaps you were thinking that since .NET bytecode can be compiled from
C++, then it might be easier to port to than Java? Perhaps you are
right, but currently 100% of libgnokii is in plain C, not C++ and will
likely not compile for .NET - try it :)


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