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Re: Win32 port status?

From: Jari Turkia
Subject: Re: Win32 port status?
Date: Sun, 07 May 2006 16:25:23 +0300
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I move the discussion off the ML. Not that there is anyhing secret, but I don't think this contains anything that would interest the public.

Pawel Kot wrote:
Plain and simple: What is the Win32 port status?
In short: unknown and unmaintained but reported from time to time to work :-)
Ok. That pretty much explains the situation.
In brief: A Win32 binary can be built from latest source. There are some
changes and bugs that would have to be stored into CVS (the getopt_long
declaration bug is a nasty one!) so that further releases would compile
Would you provide a patch?
Sure, I can do that. But before I do that we need to agree on how to handle the "GNUisms" and "windowsisms" in the source. For example: MS compilers do not have gmtime function, but similar operation can be simulated using two separate calls and a few temporary variables to store the intermediate results.
You are very welcome. I'd like to get from you few patches as a good
start and shortly after probably give you CVS write access. We
definitely need more win32 support -- I wanted to take care of it
recently but see below.
Let's take a slow start. I'll send you a couple of patches and if you think they are working, the code is good and looks good by style and operation, then we can discuss CVS-access. I do not want to mess up the good thing(tm) you have going on here.
That's correct. I was trying for the last few days to install VSE on
my work laptop but failed as Windows XP SP2 seems incompatible with it
(and SP2 is required by VSE). So I have in fact no development
environment for win32 (just cygwin).
What is the Cygwin status currently? The package does not seem to be in Cygwin distribution, but does it compile?
Also a ready built binary version for each new release
would be needed. And as an additional bonus, I'm sure I could hack up a
system to run a nightly build for Win32 version too.
Wow. That would be even better than what we have for Linux right now!
Ok. :-) Look how I pretty optimistically wrote "Win32 version too".

For Linux nightlies, I could offer a linux with gcc-4.0.2/glibc-2.3.5 or gcc-3.4.5/glibc-2.3.4. What would be the linux distribution, GCC and GLibC preference? And to be specific, both of those are i386 platforms. We do run a couple of x86_64s too, so to me i386 is not an automatic default.
So, how does that sound like?
Sounds great! I'm waiting impatiently to get some stuff from you! :-)
The 0.6.11 Win32 binaries are ready, I could send them first. It will take a while for me to prepare a proper patch for Visual C compiling.

Jari Turkia

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