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Re: sms time after SMSC number error

From: nemir nemiria
Subject: Re: sms time after SMSC number error
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 01:53:03 +0000

On 5/10/06, nemir nemiria <address@hidden> wrote:
Hrm.  Any hints?  :)

It's hard to say. It looks like no response from the phone. Check
whether it is well connected. Also check your serial port settings.

A great hint!  Thanks.

I had overlooked the default(?) cable setting dau9p, I am using a dlr3p cable.

What does the debug mean?

In general or in gnokii config? ;-)


Actually, what I was trying to ask was "How do I interpret the gnokii debug output?" It doesn't mean a whole lot to me, y'see.

Thanks again,


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