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Synchronizing Nokia 9300

From: OOzy Pal
Subject: Synchronizing Nokia 9300
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 10:46:50 +0300


I know that Gnokii does not support Nokia 9300 yet. However, I have
been thinking on  how to move my contacts and calender between my
Kubuntu and Nokia.

Simon Huggins ( used a small utility to
transfer between his mobile and Gnokii. Now, I think there is two ways
to Synch.

1. Use an online service like Plaxo to sync your the phone with this
online service. Then using thunderbird to synch the data online with
Linux. This way involves buying a utility from Plaxo. I don't prefer
this way.

2. The other way is to export the phone data to a file. Then bluetooth
it to Linux and then import it to your favorite software. I don't know
how to start.

Am I making sense? I would really appreciate if you guys/gals pitch in
and write what do you think?

Thank you all.


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