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Multiple Nokia 3310 phones to 1 computer

From: Kyohere Luke
Subject: Multiple Nokia 3310 phones to 1 computer
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 12:20:04 +0300


I have a computer with only one serial/com port. I need to connect about 4 Nokia 3310 mobile phones to it and use gnokii to access each of them. Any one dealt with a similar scenario before? Would this [Click to see] USB to RS232 device help (long url below)? Would gnokii be able to see the com ports provided by that device?

Long URL to USB to RS232 device:;_ylt=A0LaSMbrL41EjmwAsQEbFt0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBic2hxMGNhBGx0AzQEc2VjA3Ny?clink=dmps/usb_to_com/ctx=mid:5,pid:1991548942,pdid:5,pos:4,spc:14489115,date:20060612,srch:kw,x :

-- Luke Kyohere
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