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6210/gnokii problems

From: address@hidden
Subject: 6210/gnokii problems
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 07:18:27 -0400

I've been using gnokii with 6210 connected thru a DAU9P cable to the serial
I invoke a shell to run gnokii, saving/sending messages using file
I then use a programming language (python) to work on incoming files or
create outgoing 
files. It works. 
Is there a doc or file somewhere that summarizes what the result codes for
--getsms and --sendsms mean? I'd like to be sure that my program can know
for sure if 
the outgoing txt sent via --sendsms was actually successfully sent out,
(then I can 
erase the outgoing file) or whether the program should retain the outgoing
file and try 
sending it again later. 
Another thing: I find that during certain collisions (incoming txt
colliding with 
outgoing text, or with access via the DAU9P cable, the 6210 hangs. I'd like
to ask the 
more experienced here, if tends to be a problem with the cellphone itself,
or with the 
software. Is there a way to prevent these hangs, or to reset the cellphone
via software? 
Can the --monitor command tell whether the cellphone is hung, and then can
gnokii reset 
If this is a hardware/cellphone problem, does anyone know how different
models compare 
as far resilience against hanging due to collisions is concerned? 
Greetings to all, 
Roberto Verzola 

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