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Re: 6610i killed by xgnokii

From: Stefan Sassenberg
Subject: Re: 6610i killed by xgnokii
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:43:42 +0200
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Ajay Pal Singh Atwal wrote:
----- Stefan Sassenberg <address@hidden> wrote:

If I was able to cure the phone myself I could try to reproduce the


I would like to add a few thing, the complex phones of today also have complex 
bugs, it may be entirely possible that gnokii session initiated something that 
might trigger the bug in your phone firmware that might have crashed the 
firmware. Try resetting it, or if all else fails take it to service center, 
they can reflash it. I dont thing gnokii can kill a phone permanently.

I would like to reset it myself instead of taking it to the store but I can't find any hint of how this could be done in the net.

Maybe exactly what you did in the gnokii session (e.g. copied contacts from 
phone/ to phone etc etc if so how many), can throw some light on the reason of 
crash and if crash of what type (i.e. what makes you think phone is dead etc 

As a summary I quote myself to have all information in one post. This is the behaviour of the phone now:
Now, when I try to turn it on, it starts as usual, the display is lit up, the battery power status is shown. But when the animation with the hands starts, the screen just blanks and truns off. The power status is then shown again as if the phone is going to charge the battery, but that vanishes too after a few seconds and the phone is back in off state.

And here's the desrciption of what I did with xgnokii before the crash:
During the session I used all of the three components calendar, contacts and sms to make something like a full dump of the data stored in the phone. It all worked well so I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I then tried to close xgnokii what didn't work, so I terminated it with Ctrl-C.

I'm not sure but I think the last action I did before trying to close was getting the calendar entries from the phone. But this too worked without trouble.


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