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Re: [OFFTOPIC?]Any way to get Nokia 3120 function as modem?

From: Aart Koelewijn
Subject: Re: [OFFTOPIC?]Any way to get Nokia 3120 function as modem?
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 15:25:18 +0200

Op di, 27-06-2006 te 12:17 +0000, schreef Sandeep:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately I invested in Nokia 3120 for accessing internet via
> PC(I 
> was/am looking for a non-camera and non-song phone for the purpose).
> Is there any way I can get it working as modem on Linux atleast?
> I have tried gnokii 0.6.12 on Linux kernel and though slow,
> gnokii identifies 3120 successfully, though xgnokii seems to take ages
> to get contact details and often I have to kill the app.
> I am trying with (non-nokia) CA-42 cable to connect to phone, and have
> been successful in using Nokia PC-Suite to view contacts etc. on
> windows, but again no success in using it as modem.
> I don't know about the possibility of it, but is it possible that a
> software modem simulation module (if open source community or nokia
> themselves provides) can be developed that once downloaded and
> integrated with existing phone software allows nokia 3120 to be used
> as gprs modem?

I don't know the phone, but in general, if GPRS works on your phone (can
you for instance get the home-page of your provider on the phone) and if
you have a working connection between your phone and your pc you don't
need gnokii or any other special program to use your phone as a modem
for internet connection with your pc.

You will have to set up ppp, included in every Linux distribution, your
dial-string should be something like:

connect '/usr/bin/chat -v TIMEOUT 90 ABORT BUSY ABORT ERROR ABORT "NO

At least, that is what works for mee with a Nokia 6610i.


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