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Re: 2 cellphones on one cpu

From: Roberto Verzola
Subject: Re: 2 cellphones on one cpu
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2006 15:31:23 +0800
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Thanks for this, Daniele. It wasn't very clear to me the order by which gnokii looks for its rc file. I thought it looks for it in the home dir. If it first tries the default dir, then I'm sure your method will work. It would be nice if gnokii had an option which allowed you to actually specify the config file to use, something like: gnokii --configfile /dirpath/filename

Greetings to all,

Roberto Verzola

Daniele Forsi wrote:

Roberto Verzola wrote:

On the first run, I first copy the ttyS0 copy of the gnokiirc to ~/.gnokiirc, and on the second run, I first copy the ttyS1 copy to ~/.gnokiirc. It works.

Using a similar approach, I don't see why we can't control more cellphones using, say, the USB ports.

Yes, you can do that, or you can use the method described before on this list:

make two dirs, e.g.

md $HOME/gnokii.ttyS0
md $HOME/gnokii.ttyS1
copy and modify .gnokiirc (only once)

first run
HOME=$HOME/gnokii.ttyS0 gnokii --identify

second run
HOME=$HOME/gnokii.ttyS1 gnokii --identify

There is another method: have two distinct users, each one with .gnokiirc in its own $HOME, the first using ttyS0, the second using ttyS1

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