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From: Dorian
Subject: address@hidden
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 17:45:19 +0300


As far as I know, some GSM terminals send back a message id for each sent sms (a 8bit number). Do you have any idea how to find out such message id using gnokii?
I am using smsd-mysql to store messages into a database. I am asking about the message id because I want to somehow connect the delivery report received to the message I sent (to know if a certain message was received by the recipient or not).
Any idea how to make this?
I used SMS Server Toos for testing and this software returned such a message ID. After looking inside the surce code, it was pretty clear this message id was not generated by the program but by the GSM terminal. I tried the same procedure with gnokii, which is to look inside the source code but... I got lost :(

Any suggestion is welcome about how i could receive such an ID or how to link the delivery report to the sent message it comes from.


All the best!


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