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PHP extension for gnokii

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: PHP extension for gnokii
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 21:15:23 +0200
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I've written a sort of proof of concept for a PHP extension allowing the use of libgnokii (I wrote only the "identify" function).

It would be interesting to study the integration Apache-PHP with persistent data, this way you need to open communication with the phone only once and you reuse it for the following "pages" (think of xgnokii rewritten as dynamic web pages), this is what can be done with mysql but I never used it that way.

Implementing functions that read something from the phone is only a matter of converting the values into PHP data types, while functions that write something seem to require a duplicate of the error checking code alreadly written for the same functions in gnokii, which is no ideal.

This is what this extension can output so far:

$ php -r 'dl(""); print_r( gnokii_identify() );'
    [IMEI] => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [Manufacturer] => Nokia
    [Model] => 3210
    [Product name] => NSE-8
    [Revision] => SW 06.00, HW 5591
Impressive, huh? :-)

Feedback is welcome, for example I think that [Product name] is better than [ProductName]

You can download the very short source code of this extension at but beware that is pre-alpha stuff :-)
and you need PHP sources to compile this.


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