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Catching data when sending sms using gnokii

From: sean sean
Subject: Catching data when sending sms using gnokii
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 15:59:19 +0800

Hi everyone,
Gnokii version : 0.6.12
Phone : 6110

I am using the Perl scripts from with some modifications.
my $reply = `echo '$message' | $gnokii --sendsms $number`;
print "$reply"; <---------------------------------------- here
if($reply eq "Send succeeded!"){
                    print "ok $number ($file)";

.....and so on so on

The problem i am having is that i try to print out the result of $reply after i found out that all my files are moved only to the "fail folder" even though the smses were sent successfully. And i found out that the content of $reply was empty.I was wondering if there is something i can do to fix this, because i need the "Send succeeded!" check so that i can confirm that the sms had been sent out successfully. I tried doing the same to "gnokii --identify" and manage to get the result which contain "IMEI" and the other stuff regarding the phone. So i think it is not that problem with the variable, maybe it is something else?

Any help is welcome and thanks in advance.

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