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Re: gnokii-smsd 0.6.13 - trouble with DB_Bye ?

From: A. Andria
Subject: Re: gnokii-smsd 0.6.13 - trouble with DB_Bye ?
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 07:37:57 +0700
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mole wrote:
dakshink <at> <dakshinamurthyk <at>> writes:

Well sir, I upgraded to gnokii version 0.6.13. Things have become more worse.
Now I am getting the following problem shown in bold.Postgres version is 8.1.4
Fedora Linux kernel is of latest i.e. 17Can you please address the
problem.[root <at> pfis ~]# gnokii-smsd --db smsd
/usr/lib/gnokii-smsd/ undefined symbol: DB_ByeCannot load database
module pq in directory /usr/lib/gnokii-smsd!


I have the same problem and ditrib (FC5 - kernel 2.6.17 - Could this be the
The problem exists with the file and mysql version too. Always the DB_Bye...
I tried to put the /usr/local/lib/smsd directory to the, as the 'make
install' suggested something with it:), but it was useless...
Have you installed libmysqlclient for mysql or something like similar for postgre?


Asep Andria I.W.

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