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Re: hi .. which driver is most compatible with nokia 6070

From: Sandeep
Subject: Re: hi .. which driver is most compatible with nokia 6070
Date: 14 Aug 2006 13:31:50 -0000

>On 8/9/06, Anish Parameswaran wrote:
>> I am new to gnokii. I have a nokia 6070 set and ca-42
>> connectivity cable. But i cant find any drivers ( linux ) for this set. Can
>> anybody tell me which driver (linux) is most suitable for this set ?
>I think CA-42 is not supported by Linux.

I haven't checked out earlier kernels in 2.6.x series, but 2.6.16 and 2.6.17 both have support for CA-42 cables. There are two drivers cp2101 and pl2303 that recognize this cable but only cp2101 worked properly with my CA-42 cable (don't remember PId:VId offhand) and though pl2303 recognized it, this driver crashed immediately the moment I tried to open ttyUSB0 (on both 2.6.16 and 2.6.17).

However I could use gnokii --identify and --monitor with cp2101 driver  and nokia 3120. xgnokii didn't work that smoothly.

To find out if there is support fro your version of CA-42 cable, after you connect the cable, check out Product ID: Vendor ID in lsusb output and "grep -r <these IDs> LINUX_SRC_ROOT/drivers/usb/serial/" . This can help you find out what you need to compile.

As a side question, I didn't find any driver for DKU-5 cables even on 2.6.17 . Does anyone know of any independent Linux driver work for DKU-5 cable, that's not yet in official kernel sources.


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