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Re: Nokia N 80

From: Étienne Labaume
Subject: Re: Nokia N 80
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 22:21:27 +0200
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Le Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 03:31:12PM -0500, address@hidden écrivait:

> Hi


> I gather that the Nokia N 80-1 is a Symbian phone
> I have a CA-53 genuine nokia cable
> Before trying to install the latest version from source, I want to know if:
> a: Symbian phones are accessable via USB cable or ONLY via
> Bluetooth/Infrared, because my desktop does not have either
I recently bought a N80 too, and didn't manage to have it working with
the CA-53 cable. I suggest you to use bluetooth, but can't promise you
it's gonna be successful.

> b: I see no driver for the CA-53 cable, only a comment that it is probably
> the same as the DK-2. Is it? and how do I get gnokii to recognize it as a
> DK-2 cable?

I have tried to build only the driver as a module, to load it, and to
see if plugging the phone gives an entry in dmesg output: It doesn't, so
I conclude it's not recognized as a DK-2 cable. But I recently saw
(using windows) that my cable was electrically not very reliable ...

> c: Do I buy a bluetooth radio and try again?

I haven't had the time to do it myself. Feel free to try. By the way,
please note that you and I might be the first to talk on this list about
connecting a N80 to Gnokii.


Étienne, France

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