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Digicom Pocket GSM serial modem - Part II

From: R.C.
Subject: Digicom Pocket GSM serial modem - Part II
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 16:10:19 +0200

After further in-deep analysis, I suspect that gnokii
doesn't retrieve messages in SIM (SM) but only in
message store (ME).

My V360 at the following command:



+CPMS: "MT",8,254,"ME",6,254,"MT",2,254

and so xgnokii tells:

GetFolderChanges: Status: 8 0
old UR: 0, new UR: 0, old total: 0, new total: 8
RefreshSMS: changed: 1
RefreshSMS: unread: 0, total: 8

But with the same SIM with same messages in memory
my Digicom answers:

+CPMS: "SM",2,10,"SM",2,10

and then xgnokii keeps checking batteries
and signal peiodically as in idle operation.

Is there a way to make xgnokii work with devices
that have only SIM (SM) message storage?

Thanks for your support



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Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 3:22 PM
Subject: Digicom Pocket GSM serial modem

Kind list members

I've succesfully used xgnokii yet with a Motorola V360
thru USB cable (/dev/ttyACM0) and AT driver at 9600bps.

Now I'm trying to use a Digicom Pocket GSM serial
modem. Communication with system (/dev/ttyS1)
and xgnokii works fine. Xgnokii detects the device
and is able to send SMSes thru it using AT driver.
Anyway, xgnokii doesn't retrieve received sms from it.
I've analyzed the xgnokii output and found that it correctly
asks device for messages in memories but it doesn't
retrieve them, looping on AT+CPMS? command.
My Motorola V360 woks fine and after the commands:
xgnokii starts retrieving messages with:

I've used the same SIM with same messages
in memory on both devices.

Thanks for your kind support.

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